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Welcome to our online radio station

Welcome to our online radio station REON, your local radio station broadcasting worldwide 24/7, bringing you today’s best music and latest hits.

We aim to bring you the best in the world of entertainment news and actvities. We take great pride to share with our audience all the happenings of the Qatari community. Given our market understanding and awareness of our audience’s needs we will be providing many free of charge services. These include job line, community diary, public announcements, and most importantly, local talents in town. We would also broadcast live events taking place in Doha.

We would also try our best to broadcast Live events taking place in Doha.

Latest News

22nd of May, 2014
REON Radio will be launching on 22nd of May 2014 , this would be the first online radio station which manage by local artsit in town, we would like to welcome all of you to tune in to our website 18.00 hours on 22nd May of 2014 from Doha Time.

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